About Us

The Installer Network is a group of like minded small self-owned business professionals that forms part of a network allowing them to operate as individuals but under one umbrella. Members provide national coverage to corporate and high end customers that is in the need of a one company contact solution for a specific service, project or ongoing interaction for their multiple outlets.

Some of the advantages to you;


The individual members all offers a wide spectrum of services on behalf of them selves and on behalf of other members of the network.  These services includes but is not limited to;

 Sales, Installation, Service, Repairs and Maintenance of various types of product.


All the Members adhere to a high level of ethical standards to ensure that their companies, the owners, managers and staff operates without reproach within all legislation and a high level of compliance as per all acceptable norms and business practices.

All interaction between and with the public, suppliers, service providers, staff and society at large falls within this code.

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